Elven Ranger (NPC)


Amathor (NPC)
Elven Ranger.
Mindainiel’s Brother

Character Sheet (created by PlotMasterJ)


Amathor (NPC) has entered the Misfits adventure emerging from the shadowy mists of Minn’s past.

Amathor is Mindainiel’s brother hailing from the elven kingdom realm of Kyonin. He is a boarder ranger protecting the Forest Kingdom’s boarders from foreign incursions.

Little else is known to the Misfits group, other than that Amathor wants to bring Minn back to Kyonin for still unclear purposes. Amathor has begrudgingly agreed to assist the Misfits on their current quest in exchange for Minn’s willingness to return to Kyonin and investigate the cause of Amathor’s agitation and eagerness for her to return.

Together with the Misfits, Amathor helps cleans Casomir of a Derro threat and vanquish a Hydra summoned from hell in the Temple of Aroden. Unfortunately his sister Minn was slain in the battle.
Distraught by his sisters death, and the inability of the priest to raise her from the dead due to the residual taint of hell. Amathor implores the priest to find some way to save his sister.

With help from the Priest of Aroden, Amathor convinces the Misfits to journey to the Boneyard and then Hell in search of saving Minn. Reuniting with Minn, the Misfits find Minn’s father locked in one of Hell’s prisons.

It is here that Amathor takes leave of the Misfit group to help his Stepfather in a quest to exact Justice on a sinister plotting Demon.


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